Monitor Warehouse Inventory and Ensure a Tightly Run Operation

Phoenix D.A.S. can help warehouse managers track their inventory and consumables in detail. Real time monitoring makes sure you reduce errors and save time and resources.

These modules are flexible and suitable for the needs of various warehouses, and the centralized system lets you control multiple regions from one dashboard.

Associated Phoenix Modules


Manage Inventory in Real Time
With live streaming reports that include location, quantity, and total dollar value, you can keep on top of your resources.

Control a Large, Spread-out Operation with Flexibility
Manage warehouses in multiple locations and regions from one easy to use dashboard.

Provide Forecast Information to Management
Help your management teams improve their decision-making process with state of the art forecasting technology.




View Key Information from Any Mobile Device
Employees can enter transfer tickets, bills of lading, sales receipts and other key information.

Monitor Inventory Level of Consumable Items
Make sure you are aware of the level of your consumables and prevent your team from running out of stock.

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