Ensure smooth dispatches and effective communication with a live tracking board.

As a dispatcher you will be able to use the Oildex Oilfield Services Suite to simply and quickly assign and dispatch crews to a location. The live tracking board makes the entire process user friendly and allows you to save time by automating many routine tasks.

You will also be able to coordinate rental equipment, shipping it to necessary locations and making sure it is returned on time. This means you’ll have the right people and tools on site whenever they are needed and you’ll avoid downtime and delays.

Associated Oildex Oilfield Services Suite Modules

Dispatch/e-Ticketing Module

Full Visibility
View all jobs on a single screen that includes start times, crew assignments and status. Your entire management team can follow progress in real time.

Efficient Allocation
You can assign and schedule crews, equipment and other resources from the dashboard.

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Equipment module

You can assign and track virtually all company assets, from simple items such as crew vehicles to complex equipment such as those used in flow back packages or drilling and service rigs.

Added Features
Tools also include built-in maintenance tracking, GPS location capabilities and utilization calendars.

Rental Orders

Reduce Outstanding Rental Costs
Efficient tracking of equipment rental and automatic notifications mean you never need to miss a return date.

Centralized Data Storage
Keep rental release numbers in one place so you can handle recurring rentals, extend rental periods and reduce the potential for missed billing days.


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