Improve tracking and management of employee information, certifications and team assignments with:

  • Complete employment file with work history, pay and tax information
  • Managed detailed documents and information
  • Track employee job assignments in calendar format
  • Track equipment and assets assigned to each employee (when integrated with equipment module)
  • Permission-based access to employee records
  • Exportable tables to Microsoft Excel

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Phoenix Oilfield Software Personnel Solution

Personnel is a cloud-based, mobile oilfield operations software module designed provide Human Resources and Supervisors with detailed employee records including contact information, position history, rates, pay authorizations, assigned equipment and assets, and safety qualifications.

This easy to use module allows authorized personnel to edit profiles and upload relevant documents to employee records.

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite Personnel module helps you improve recording keeping for your team by:

Ease of Use

With information easily accessible in one central location, your HR management team has full details for each employee, including any documents and images for the employee file.


The affordable subscription means no large up-front costs or expense to hire or retain IT employees or consultants. Subscribe to only the modules you need without overloading your current system. Add additional modules as needed.

Time to Implement

Designed as “plug-‘n-play” and with customizable options, you spend only a few hours setting up the program. Data is immediately available, with real-time visibility, so you can continue to operate your business.

Mobility/Offline Capability

When assets and equipment assignments need to be updated, you can do so at the job site, on the road, or at the home office. Even when out of service, employee record information can be added and data synced when coverage is available.

No Training Required

Your management team can immediately use the system without training sessions or videos. Specialized training is unnecessary, and the program is logical and easy to follow.

Adaptability to Processes and Procedures

With a host of customization options, you can create fields for the data and details which matter to your company. Software is most useful when it is customizable, and with included suite of workflows and forms, it’s possible to tailor each task to maximize your company’s performance.

Integrations to Current Software/System

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products integrate with most ERP systems, so you are not forced to replace or rework all of your systems. The modules work in conjunction with many established systems and integrations are available as well.


The Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products are designed for immediate subscription and installation. However, if you need a little advice, module customization or want to run an idea by us, we are here to help!

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