Increase accuracy and monitor jobs closely with:

  • GPS travel history and mapping
  • Table and gantt view of open, completed, invoiced and cancelled job
  • Color coded job time monitoring
  • Assign employees, services and equipment to jobs
  • Provide email notifications of job assignment and revisions to technicians
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) is available offline

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Phoenix Oilfield Software job management Solution

OpenTicket is a cloud-based, mobile field operations software module designed to manage field tickets for your company. Your management team has full visibility of each job and can follow every step in real time.

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“…it significantly shortens time from service delivery to invoicing to cash.”

-Lee Rowe, General Manager, Rapid Rod Service

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite OpenTicket helps you improve service by:

Ease of Use

Create jobs easily from any device, with either pre-built or customized forms to fit your business needs.


Easily add the ticketing module, providing more accurate field ticketing and better scheduling for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. With additional modules available, you can add options as you need them, without overloading your current system.

Time to Implement

Designed with either “plug-n-play” or customized options, you spend only a few hours setting up the program. Data is immediately available to other users from the cloud storage, so you can continue to operate your business, seeing benefits right away.

Mobility/Offline Capability

Oilfield service often occurs in rural areas, but you want your team to be responsive, providing quick job scheduling, dispatching, and request for invoicing. With both mobile and offline capability, data is synced when service is available, reducing gaps in service.

No Training Required

Your team members can utilize the system as easily as they do the apps on their cell phone. Specialized training is unnecessary, and the program is logical and easy to follow. Technicians appreciate the mobility, which allows them to use their mobile phone or tablet in the field and remain productive.

Adaptability to Processes and Procedures

With customization options, you can create forms with details that fit your company’s individual needs. Create invoices in QuickBooks (Enterprise edition only)

Integrations to Current Software/System

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products integrate with most ERP systems, so you are not forced to rework everything you have been doing. The modules work in conjunction with established systems.


The Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products are designed for immediate subscription and installation. However, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so we are here to assist you!

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  • Create, edit and change status of jobs, as well as add service(s) to a job
  • Sortable table view of open, completed, invoiced and cancelled jobs
  • Quick view of the number of requested, resourced and in progress jobs
  • Color-coded job time monitoring
  • Assign equipment and employees to a job
  • Upload document(s) to a job
  • Signature blocks for jobs
  • Email notification of job status change and when equipment has been assigned to a job
  • Email notification to employees when assigned to a job
  • Printable dispatch ticket
  • Add customer and contact to a job
  • Custom fields
  • Gantt chart of jobs
  • GPS travel history and mapping
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) is available offline
  • Export table(s) to Microsoft Excel
  • Exports and create invoices (Enterprise edition only) for QuickBooks
  • Integrates with most 3rd party systems

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