Maintain accurate inventory, reduce losses and save money with:

  • Log and create transfer tickets, bills of lading and new inventory sales
  • Track locations and quantities of inventory items
  • Expense inventory quantities and assign to related field tickets
  • Auto-diminishing quantity, providing real time view of current stock
  • Upload documents and images for detailed information of specific inventory items
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Phoenix Oilfield Software Inventory Solution

Inventory is a cloud-based, mobile oilfield software module designed to manage inventory with real-time reports, including location, quantity, and total value, all on a single screen.

The module’s flexibility allows the management of items in multiple warehouses in various regions, and activity logs associated with large volume inventory management. Employees can enter transfer tickets, bills of lading, sales receipts and other key information with the easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface.

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Phoenix DAS Inventory module helps you improve service by:

Ease of Use

With access to accurate inventory information from the cloud, warehouse managers can easily indicate what items are in stock and which items are needed.


This affordable software module will handle all of your inventory management needs. With additional modules available, you can add modules and functionality as your company grows and changes.

Time to Implement

Designed with either “plug-n-play” or customized options, you spend only hours setting up the program. Data is immediately available, so you can continue to business processes, with no downtime.

Mobility/Offline Capability

Real-time, accurate inventory reports are available no matter your location. With both mobile and offline capability, data is synced when service is available, reducing gaps in service and data collection.

No Training Required

Specialized training is unnecessary, and the program is logical and easy to follow. Inventory managers and field supervisors appreciate the mobility, which allows them to use their mobile phone or tablet in the field and still have access to accurate information.

Adaptability to Processes and Procedures

With customization options, you can create customized forms, including images, with inventory details that fit your company’s needs. Exportable tables allows you to create Excel reports to share with management.

Integrations to Current Software/System

Phoenix DAS products integrate with most ERP systems, so you are not forced to rework everything you have been doing. The modules work in conjunction with established systems.


The Phoenix DAS products are designed for immediate subscription and installation. However, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so we are here to assist you!

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