Increase visibility, close sales, and improve customer engagement with:

  • Visible sales pipeline and improved forecasting
  • Accurate management of contacts, leads, and quotes
  • Approve and sign for quotes immediately on mobile devices
  • Documents and images uploaded and attached to contact records
  • Custom reports for expenses, revenues, sales and margins

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Phoenix Oilfield Software Field CRM Solution

In one easy, mobile-friendly solution, this module allows your sales team to record all of their activities from prospect identification to close.

Functioning as a simple CRM system, the module gives your team a way to create and maintain contact records, track sales opportunities, and provide forecast information to management.

“The ability to monitor a job request closely and in real-time, from start to finish, has been a huge improvement in efficiency.”

– Geoff Westmoreland, CFO, Elite Production Services

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite Field CRM helps you achieve growth by:

Ease of Use

The intuitive dashboard helps track customers from first day of interest through finalized jobs. Information is updated in real-time and accessible from mobile devices.


The affordable subscription means no large up-front costs or expense to hire or retain IT employees or consultants. Subscribe to what you need without overloading your current system. Add additional modules as needed.

Time to Implement

Designed with either “plug-n-play” or customized options, you spend only a few hours setting up the program. Data is immediately available, so you can continue to operate your business, seeing benefits right away.

Mobility/Offline Capability

By nature, oilfield service often occurs in rural areas, where service is often spotty, or unavailable. With both mobile and offline capability, work can be performed anywhere at any time, and data synced when access to internet service is available again.

No Training Required

Your team members can utilize the software from day one. Specialized training is unnecessary, and the module is logical and easy to follow.

Adaptability to Processes and Procedures

You can create customized forms and workflows that fit your company’s individual needs and processes.

Integrations to Current Software/System

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products integrate with most ERP systems, so you are not forced to replace or rework all of your systems. The modules work in conjunction with many established systems and integrations are available as well.


The Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products are designed for immediate subscription and installation. However, if you need a little advice, module customization or want to run an idea by us, we are here to help!

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