Improve tracking, maintenance and certifications of your equipment with:

  • Inventory control for equipment and small tools with reference codes
  • Email reminders for maintenance and certification expirations
  • Built in inspection forms and logs
  • Assignment of equipment to employee, job, or region
  • Maintenance calendar for repair by day, week, or month
  • GPS tracking of equipment, toolboxes, and tools
  • Utilization calendar and equipment transfer tracker
  • Export tables to Microsoft Excel

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Phoenix Oilfield Software Equipment Solution

The Equipment module allows tools and equipment to be assigned to virtual tool boxes and employees for tracking, maintenance and reporting.

Equipment is a cloud-based, mobile oilfield operations software module designed to allow field supervisors to assign and track virtually all company assets, from simple items—such as small tools—to complex, multi-item equipment—including those used in flowback packages or drilling and service rigs.

“The ability to track many different aspects of a project such as…equipment and personnel, and have it all consolidated into a single program is a massive leap forward over using various spreadsheets.”

– Joe Marlar, President, M&M Pipeline Services

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite Equipment module helps you maximize your equipment by:

Ease of Use

With information easily accessible in one central location, your team members have the visibility to know where equipment is located and its condition, as well as when it is due for maintenance.


The affordable subscription means no large up-front costs or expense to hire or retain IT employees or consultants. Subscribe to what you need without overloading your current system. Add additional modules as needed. Reduce the expense of lost tools and equipment with better tracking and management.

Time to Implement

Designed with “plug-n-play” usability and a variety of customizable options, you spend only a few hours setting up the program. Data is immediately available, so you can continue to operate your business, seeing benefits right away.

Mobility/Offline Capability

When equipment conditions and locations need to be updated, you will have the ability to do so at the job site, on the road, or at the home office. Even when out of service, information can be added and data synced when internet connection is available.

No Training Required

Your team members can utilize the software from day one. Specialized training is unnecessary, and the module is logical and easy to follow.

Adaptability to Processes and Procedures

With a host of customization options, you can create fields for the data and details which matter to your company. Tables are exportable, allowing you to prepare reports to share with your management team to maximize your company’s performance.

Integrations to Current Software/System

Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products integrate with most ERP systems, so you are not forced to replace or rework all of your systems. The modules work in conjunction with many established systems and new integrations are available as well.


The Oildex Oilfield Services Suite products are designed for immediate subscription and installation. However, if you need a little advice, to customize the software or want to discuss specific needs, we are here to help!

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