OpenTicketThe Phoenix D.A.S. software platform and individual modules enable companies to optimize and automate business processes across the entire organization, from the field to the executive suite.

OpenTicket is a cloud-based, mobile field operations software module designed to manage field tickets for your company. Your management team has full visibility of each job and can follow every step in real time.

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  • Create and edit jobs
  • Sortable table view of open, completed, invoiced and cancelled jobs
  • Quick view of the number of requested, resourced and in progress jobs
  • Color coded job time monitoring
  • Change status of a job
  • Add service(s) to a job
  • Assign equipment to a job
  • Assign employees to a job
  • Upload document(s) to a job
  • Signature blocks for jobs
  • Email notification of job status change
  • Email notification to employees when assigned to a job
  • Email notification when a piece of equipment is assigned to a job
  • Printable dispatch ticket
  • Add customer and contact to a job.
  • Custom fields
  • Gantt chart of jobs
  • GPS travel history
  • GPS mapping
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) is available offline
  • Export table(s) to Microsoft Excel
  • Exports for QuickBooks
  • Create invoices in QuickBooks (Enterprise edition only)
  • Integrates with most 3rd party systems

The OpenTicket can be used alone or combined with other Phoenix D.A.S. software modules depending on your needs and challenges.

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